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* localize the draw channel. put the alloc code in its own module.HEADmasterrodri2020-06-294-31/+62
* changes to fit libgeometry and libgraphics.rodri2020-04-281-33/+12
* add a readme.rodri2020-04-172-1/+10
* roll everything back.rodri2020-04-1736-15371/+517
* redesign of the camera abstraction. general unused/useless data cleaning.rodri2020-03-065-140/+169
* first steps towards a general rendering architecture.rodri2020-03-044-69/+14
* main: go back to channel-sync'd drawing.rgl2020-02-031-18/+19
* after a year or so of work, i dare create a proper repo.rgl2020-02-0339-0/+16905