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* handle 31 and 32 bit cidr/prefix addresses correctly.HEADmasterrodri2020-11-081-3/+13
* handle wrong address prefixes correctly.rodri2020-11-081-6/+10
* check if the mask is correct.rodri2020-09-061-2/+25
* restrict input to correct dot-notation addresses and put a constraint on the ...rodri2020-09-061-15/+27
* allow the cidr to be used in place of an ip maskrodri2020-08-301-4/+10
* switch over to using libfmt.rodri2020-08-291-13/+27
* remove unnecessary parentheses.rodri2020-08-291-5/+5
* use the proper types. input parsing cleanup.rodri2020-08-271-10/+10
* initial working release.rodri2020-08-233-0/+107