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* add better brush color management. fix issues with procrfork. replace procexe...HEADmasterrodri2020-07-016-15/+45
* avoid zero zooming. import differential and zoom drawing from paint(1). make ...rodri2020-06-183-11/+142
* integrate color selection with sigrid's color picker.rodri2020-06-171-7/+39
* unnecessary check.rodri2020-06-171-6/+4
* added debugging stats. more hud changes.rodri2020-06-166-1/+46
* started work on zooming and a textual hud.rodri2020-06-164-10/+47
* improved enter(2) handling.rodri2020-06-161-16/+18
* add save rmb menu option.rodri2020-06-153-5/+30
* change brush color and improve stroke painting.rodri2020-06-151-2/+14
* move the canvas with mmb.rodri2020-06-151-1/+18
* move the mmb menu over to rmb. allow for drawing over the current layer.rodri2020-06-154-53/+98
* forgot the utils file.rodri2020-06-141-0/+18
* now it's possible to paint on any given layer. also changed worldrf.rodri2020-06-146-42/+112
* fix layer image instantiation and canvas drawing rectangle.rodri2020-06-142-2/+11
* create a canvas and layers with the mouse. fixed some issues.rodri2020-06-145-7/+64
* added basic canvas and layer management.rodri2020-06-134-7/+106
* layout done. implemented some error-checking wrappers and started work on lay...rodri2020-06-126-0/+193
* initial commit.rodri2020-06-113-0/+32