# rcfitness Rc tools for fitness tracking ## basal metabolic rate (BMR) Computes the BMR using the Mifflin-St. Jeor equation. # bmr for a 33 year old male whose height is 180cm and weights 92kg % bmr 92 180 33 # bmr for a 27 year old female who weights 67kg and is 165cm tall % bmr -w 67 165 27 ## weight tracking # today the scale marks 80kg (careful with obsessing over this) % weighin 80 ## default session file The `default.session` file shows a repetitions-per-exercise table, matching the order in the `exercises` file, ready to be selected and sent to a [rio(1)](http:/man.9front.org/1/rio) window right after starting a `workout`. ## about weights In weightlifting exercises where (dumb|bar|kettle)bells are used, the weight isn't tracked. It should be up to you how much you are lifting and at what pace. Feel free to extend the scripts to match your training procedure.