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masteradded a command to see the session start time. also added a prompt.rodri13 months
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2023-06-17added a command to see the session start time. also added a prompt.HEADmasterrodri1-1/+5
2023-04-04updated the readme file.rodri1-4/+17
2023-04-04added new training sessions for weights and skills cycles/periods.rodri4-7/+57
2023-04-04added an archival tool. updated the default calisthenics session.rodri2-10/+27
2023-04-04added new exercises.rodri1-1/+37
2022-08-01updated the readme file.rodri1-4/+3
2022-07-31added new exercises. sanitize all input. got rid of the default session and i...rodri4-60/+87
2021-06-30workout: ignore shell-style comments from input when adding reps per exercise.rodri8-22/+143
2021-02-06add more exercises, the default session file and better explanations.rodri6-2/+78
2021-01-31do the argc check right.rodri1-1/+1